A job platform with a gamified
view where your experience
match with jobs

Luida Chat Feature

AI matches employers and job seekers automatically.

AI matches recruiters with the best-fitting candidates based on registered information. Expect a steady stream of job offers by waiting for scouts.

3 Features
That make LUIDA Stand Out

Casual replies
with sticker

Luida Feature

Reply with template & stamp! No worrries about formal words.

Getting scouted
by company

Luida Feature

Unexpected scout offers from companies.

Get cash

Luida Feature

Join your desired company and received acash reward.

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First, register and get gems.

Customise your profile and get bonus gems! Enjoy it like a game.


Easily application by like

Search for companies and simply apply those you are interested in by pressing like.


Start chat consultation.

Mutual ‘like’ results in a match. Easily chat and consult with each other.


Casual meeting with company

Now, your activities are really kicking off! Proceed to casual in-person or online meetings.


Get job offer & reward bonus!

Receive a celebratory bonus from Luida upon accepting your job offer!

Voices of LUIDA users

In order to achieve my career goal of becoming a database engineer, I studied SQL while also using LUIDA. I received a lot of scout offers despite my limited experience during the learning process, and I was surprised by numerous job offers.

Job Type

Database Engineer

Annual income

SGD 47,000

I was able to casually messages with the hiring manager through chat, and decided to join my current company because of its company atmosphere. I have encountered a wonderful company whose company culture is a perfect fit for me.

Job Type

Backend Engineer

Annual income

SGD 77,800

While juggling work, I honestly had limited time, but thanks to the swipe function, I was able to easily and efficiently review and select companies that reached out to me for scouting.

Job Type

Security Engineer

Annual income

SGD 100,760

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