About us


LUIDA is a free recruiting service build for IT job scouting. All features are free to use for all who creates a profile.

The companies that viewed the users’ profile may express interest (Like It) and send out messages. Users can also conduct an interview with their interested company via chat function.

Users can undertake their own search for companies as well to find a company that better fits their own requirement based on the information in the profile.

Furthermore, users might run into companies that aren’t readily apparent on usual recruiting sites. Usually, on others recruiting agency website, the engineer will be required to submit their application to interested companies. However, in LUIDA, the user will receive scouting from various companies which will allow the user to encounter companies that they not known.



Signing up for LUIDA is easy. You have the option to use your current email or social media account, or you can create a brand new account with LUIDA. During registration, you'll only need to provide your email address and choose a password. Once registered, you can complete your profile and begin your job search.

To search for job opportunities on LUIDA, simply navigate to the 'Find Job' menu. From there, you can apply various filters such as keywords, location, pay range, and more to refine your search. Additionally, you can explore categorized job listings in the 'What Are You Looking For' and ‘Search by Job Description’ sections, and discover featured job openings right on the homepage.

Absolutely, your personal information is secure on LUIDA. We use encryption and access controls to protect your data, and we comply with data protection laws.

If you come across any problems requiring assistance, you can reach out to our support team at contact@luida-singapore.com or through our dedicated reporting channel.

Please check if the login page corresponds to the role you applied for. The LUIDA platform has two main pages: Company and Candidate. If you registered as an employer, you should select the Company page in the top right corner of the main page and then try logging in. If you registered as a candidate, choose the candidate option in the top right corner and then attempt to log in. This should allow you to log in successfully.

First, please verify that the entered information is correct. For example, make sure to include the area code for contact information. Additionally, ensure that the work experience and education background fields are filled in. Once you have confirmed that all the basic details mentioned above are correctly entered, please try saving or updating again.

Luida focuses on providing job recruitment services for IT (Information Technology) talent. We are committed to assisting organizations or companies in finding IT professionals to meet their specific needs, as well as providing a platform to help IT professionals find perfect job opportunities.