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Luida Chat Feature

Job post in 10 minutes!
Fast hiring with chat-style like social media!

Quickly kickstart your recruitment process with Luida. Sign up and start posting jobs in just 10 minutes. Engage with job seekers through a casual chat format akin to social media, speeding up your hiring process.

3 Features of LUIDA,
the Engineer Scouting Platform

Regarding the charges

LUIDA operates on a full-results basis, so you can hire engineers with no upfront or posting fees. Charges apply only when a candidate joins, minimizing costs while attracting talent.

Initial Cost
Posting Cost



Scout feature

Narrow down based on profiles, skills, and experience, and directly scout exceptional engineers.

Unlimited job postings

You can post an unlimited number of job listings at zero cost, allowing you to continue hiring satisfactory

Operational Support

We will assist you in creating job listings for job seekers through chat, phone, and video conferences

Writing service

Professional writers help with complex job listings, even in resource-limited situations.

Video shoot service (β version)

Our dispatched professional filming staff wills shoot high-quality promotional videos for your company.

Top display ads (β version)

To ensure more visibility among job seekers, we offer advertising plans that allow for top positioning.

Result-based plan of SGD 3000/person (pre-tax) when hiring confirmed!

※ The service launch campaign special price

Exclusive relocation matching only at LUIDA


Minimum 10 minutes registration

Easy registration and takes only 10 minutes (minimum). Job posting will begin immediately after success verification.


Easily contact with like

Search for job seekers now. Click ‘like’ and contact the person you want.


Start chat consultation.

A match is established with each other’s ‘like’. You can easily scout through chat.


Have a casual interview with applicants

Proceed to casual interviews and online interviews. This can even be accomplished in just a few days!


Offer & payment

Fees will only be charged once a successful offer has been made.
〈 Now its half price! 〉

Looking to scout engineers?
Trust LUIDA for all your needs!

Initial Cost
Posting Cost



A career platform tailored exclusively for the IT and engineering sectors.