Privacy Policy

1.Reason of Collecting Data:
Your privacy is importance to us and we will not disclose your information to third party unless required by law. The reason of collection your personal data is to provide good customer service, and safe keeping for required by law. By using services of Luida, you agreed the information provided is correct and you have read through our term and conditions. Please note, we may use your information to send our promotional information, new services, events and etc.

2.Personal Details:
You have to provide your personal details such as Full Name, Contact No., Date of birth, Academic qualifications and Working Experience.

3.You agreed LUIDA use your provided information such as Contact No and Academic qualifications:
Luida uses these details to manage your account, including sending Advertisers applications of Candidates, contacting Advertisers if there is an issue with their job ad and organizing payment and invoicing of the account.

4.Your privileges:
(1)You can consult, requested for the customer copy, Luida needs to requested for the processing fees. (2) You needs to requested for replenish or corrections of your personal information. (3) You need to requested Luida to stop collecting, handle or use or requested to cancel your personal details.

5.If you wish to stop Luida from processing this type of personal information about you, Luida will no longer be able to provide the relevant services to you.

6.When the existing period is expired or on the due date, you are agreed Luida keep , handle and collect your personal details. If they is others than Luida, any agency and cooperation with Luida, tax authorities and government using your personal details, you can requested to stop collecting and keep or using your information.

7.You have the right to choose to provide your personal information and allowed Luida to collecting and using on it. Luida has the right to not servicing you if your personal information is not completed, or fake information/ fake personal details. Sorry for inconvenience caused.

8.You are clearly understand and agreed the Personal Policy and the requirements of Law and regulations. You are agreed that your personal information will be kept and collecting by Luida.

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Created:Year 2007, 1st May
Edited:Year 2016, 12th July
Crane Central Sdn. Bhd.
Person In-Charge: Jun Arakaki