Recruited Reward

Application for Acceptance of Confirmed job offer

We will give out $100 worth of Amazon coupon as congratulatory gift to users who got their job on LUIDA!


Precautions on Gift Application

Once the Offer Confirmation Reward is applied, the user's 'job-searching' status will end, and will not receive any scout for 3 months. Users can still communicate with the job-offering employer via chat function.

Terms and Conditions

1) LUIDA administrator will verify with the employer, once confirmed that both parties have accepted and confirmed on the job offer, the applicant will be entitled for the Offer Confirmation Reward.

2) The reward will be sent to the applicant's registered email address after we verified that the applicant has successfully start their employment. Please note that it may take some time for this verification process.

3) The time period to apply for the reward is within 90 days after joining the company.

4) The reward may not be sent out if the above-mentioned verification process failed.

Employer's Company Name